Friday, 1 January 2100

Rules, Guidelines and Terminology and Explanation of This Blog

Hi everyone! I'm Adam, or Addy, whichever you prefer, the "Quizzing Ronin" and "Erudite Esotericist". I've been writing this blog long enough that the time has come to fully explain both what it is that I do, the self-enforced rules and guidelines I adhere to, and the shorthand/terminology that is used here. This post will be post-dated and always at the top of the front page. I will review and update it regularly to ensure it remains current.

All information accurate as of: January 2018

Most of this post is below the cut, but my first and key rule will be above it:

Rule #1: I will always respect people's right to privacy, above all else.

Rule #1a - I do not name individual people, ever.