Saturday, 7 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, one and all! I hope the festivities were an enjoyable time, if and however you celebrated them. If not, I'm pleased for you that you can return to normal. I'm back at work myself, and since it never really stops even when we're not there, I've had a lot to catch up on.

As you can tell, I've not spent the holiday period updating the blog, and left it at rather an awkward point, as I started to spiral down on a run of bad results. My next post was half way through but I never managed to get it finished. There's no point now, so I'll just say that the bad news ended, more or less, with that week; I had a much improved followup that ensured my December statistics would be respectable.

I've done three quizzes so far in January, but I'll resume my weekly roundups by covering those in another post this weekend. This post is about my 2016 results.

I intended doing a large-scale analysis of my results, but uncertainty about how to go about doing that meant the data ended up in a largely useless format. I've thought long and hard about how to rectify this, and my 2017 analysis will be much improved. I might retrospectively fix up the 2016 data, to allow comparisons, but even the compilation was flawed, so such comparisons will be imperfect at best.

Still, here follows the major results, given here without comment. Apologies that the table doesn't copy with the gridlines, I don't seem to be able to fix that in Blogger. More to follow, later this weekend!

Parameter Result
Quizzes Done: 203
Overall Questions Answered: 14379
Overall Correct Answers: 8839
Overall Average Score: 61.47%
Solo Quizzes: 48
Solo Questions Answered: 3523
Solo Correct Answers: 1846
Solo Average Score: 52.30%
Team Quizzes Done: 155
Average Team Size (Including Solo Quizzes): 2.84
Average Team Size (Excluding Solo Quizzes): 3.41
Team Questions Answered: 10856
Team Correct Answers: 6993
Team Average Score: 64.01%
Quiz Venues Visited: 25
Quiz Done Most Often: Ship Inn, Dumfries (47), Granary, Dumfries (44)
January Average Score: 51.40%
December Average Score: 61.93%
Best Month: October (67.87% from 16 quizzes)
Worst Month: January (51.40% from 16 quizzes)
Average Quizzes Per Month: 16.92
Most Quizzes Per Month: 20 (October & November)
Least Quizzes Per Month: 14 (July & December)
Best Result: 98.33% (59/60) 15th August, Kings Arms, Dalbeattie - Amanda, 3 in team
Worst Result: 24.44% (22/90)  7th December, Granary, Dumfries, 2 in team
Best Solo Result: (Excluding a Speed Quiz I could not easily quantify), 73.33% (44/60), 18th April, Kings Arms, Dalbeattie - Amanda
Worst Solo Result: 29.46% (16.5/56), 7th January, Anchor Hotel, Kippford

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