Saturday, 26 August 2017

Happenings This Week

I'm writing two blog posts tonight, this being the first that I'll post but the 2nd that I'm writing. I prioritised the weekly roundup, and have just finished writing it after 4 hours of work. 3 certainly, even when you discount things like getting dinner and screwing around online. Anyway, I do like the idea of posting a regular, non-structured update about things generally every now and then. I won't commit to a regular schedule with these as I have done with my roundups, but I'll try and post them frequently all the same.

Last weekend I worked very hard. Saturday was a bit of a disaster, as I said at the time, but I still got a solid amount done in terms of my quiz, and more on Sunday. I was happy with that, but nonetheless conscious that work remained to be done in the week to come.

My hopes were not high based on how my day job went, to be honest. Having gotten up early on Sunday, I did not go to bed early and thus compensate for the lost sleep. Thus I was shattered on Monday, and struggled through the day. I struggled through the week, in fact, having never made up for the lost sleep.

It was a tough week, too, with various unexpected and unplanned for complications causing problems throughout. It boded badly for my evening work, I must admit; I honestly didn't see how I could possibly get down to work when I got home. I was sure I'd do my usual of lazing about desperately fighting lethargy while dragging myself to my quizzes!

To my credit, that did not happen. Each night, including tonight, I've gotten more or less straight to it. The last part of my quiz was very hard to write, and required significant research. I didn't have a huge amount of time, either since I was of course quizzing 3 days in the week. I wanted to get it done by Thursday, because I was at my parents house listening to a podcast with them - more on that in a subsequent post. So I had printer access there, which made it a convenient target for total completion of the quiz. That would mean I could spend tonight blogging, as I have done, and the weekend not writing the quiz!

Somehow, I got it done. The last couple of questions were the hardest to write, and only came on Thursday itself, but nonetheless, it's all sorted and printed, and I'm not touching it again! I'm really pleased with that. I set myself a task and I got it done. I've also achieved tonights goals, in that I won't let myself finally pass out until this post is written, and I wanted the weekly roundup done too so that that wouldn't be hanging over tme tomorrow.

And pass out I badly need to do... I've pushed myself so hard the last week or so, which is something I need to be doing, of course. I need to be putting the effort in, putting the work in, in order to get to where I want to be. It's wholly worth it, and I don't need to spend the weekend writing now. But I do need to recharge my batteries, which are almost dead. I'm feeling physically weaker, because I'm eating worse and sleeping less. I almost feel like I'm getting a cold, which hasn't really happened since my flu at the start of the year, touch wood. But if I push myself too far, my immune system will break.

In truth, a couple of days off work ill may just be what I need, in a sense, but I obviously don't want to be ill and there's not really a "convenient" time for it coming up, I've just got too much on. Which leaves me needing to factor in R&R somehow, some time soon.

Tomorrow, I'm not going to force myself not to do anything quiz-wise, as I love this stuff too much for that. But I'm not going to force myself to do anything, either. I'm going to try and deliberately not do too much that's heavy, at least until Sunday. I can take it easy and just unwind a bit. 

I don't want to cause myself problems by being too active, but that in itself is not an issue I'm used to having. I may end up having to do bits and pieces tomorrow, but I've got an option on taking Sunday as a lazy day too.

Barely even know what I'm writing anymore. Consciousness fading. Will post anyway. Hopefully sleep comes soon...

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