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Weekly Roundup, W/E 29/09/2017

After a much longer roundup in my last post, this one will be a lot shorter. 5 quizzes in an epic week down to 2, in part because I was hosting my own quiz on the Monday. That does funny things to my performance, and my desperate hastiness to get that written meant I was much more rushed than is healthy for the Sunday quiz. I had it finished and with me, though, which is better than has been the case in the past. With 3 more roundups to do after this one, let's try and clear this pretty quickly.

Quiz #172 - Sunday 24th September, Turf Tavern, Carlisle

Strategic Overview

There was a bit of a twist to the team at this week's quiz, as the host's stepparents were with myself and Jack! That meant a lot of football related jokes, naturally, as not everyone in the team supports the same teams. That's as much as I'll say about that, however. JDCS were there, as were that other team who won last week. Two of us scored 40 last week - could 4 better that?

The Quiz

Pictures aren't a strong suit for Jack and I normally, and unfortunately our guests didn't help us any as we started with a dismal 3. As with last week, we recovered on current events, albeit not to the same degree and we got 8. The top 5 lists started with a repeat of last week's Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient recipes idea, this time for chocolate rye cookies. Unfortunately we only got 3 of those, and only 2 Take That number 1 singles with one-word titles. L from the Granary would have dominated that one! So far, this was not looking fantastic.

Again, we recovered from this in Alpha Links, storming to the first 7 answers before Jack stumbled over one and we all missed a science question. 8 is strong, however, so I'm happy with that. The connections round this week was another toughie, though we did at least work out that it was vacuum cleaners and got 3 overall.

On the wipeout round, I wanted us to be cautious, and correctly asserted that the host's dad's hunch on a question wasn't a certainty. We could have potentially guessed at all 10 questions, but only went for 6 and got them. Our tactics were spot on there.


This other team is starting to threaten JDCS's dominance at this quiz, as they are seriously good. They won again, but only by one point on 41. JDCS took our 40 and 2nd place from last week, we took their 34 for 3rd in a weird reversal, albeit we were tied for it. Honestly, there's not a whole lot more we could have done, so I've no complaints. Our guest team members were fantastic, and I'd love to see them again. Really fun night, and a podium to boot!

Result: 34/55 (61.82%), joint 3rd/7

Quiz #174 - Wednesday 27th September, Granary, Dumfries

Strategic Overview

One more quiz to go this week, and this will be a short review. Only two rounds, and there were 3 in the team as M joined us from the Roofrax again. This appears to be a potentially recurring thing, which I like. SQ weren't there, but the Wee Beasties were back after what I think is an absence of sorts from them.

The Quiz

Two rounds, the first being a handout round. It's been a while since a full on "5 rounds of 10" has been done here, it has to be said. Music lyrics...yeah we were pretty much done for. 25 sets of lyrics given, we needed the artist I think. We got 13, which I'll certainly take in the circumstances.

The other round was "odd one out" and that's much more my thing. This is the sort of round that I'm developing the capability to dominate, and I absolutely did. 26 out of 30 is a serious good score in any round in a quiz like this, and I showed off some impressive knowledge in helping us there. M's knowledge syncs quite well with L and I, so we all three of us combined for that laudable score.


Our total of 39 wasn't quite enough to win unfortunately, but it was plenty good for 2nd, two ahead of a 3-way tie for third that included the Roofrax. The Wee Beasties took the win, with a ridiculously good 50/55. They must have cleaned up on the music round and matched us on the second. Absolutely nothing at all we could have done about that, and I've no regrets at all. GK is one of the key areas I judge myself by, and in this regard we did ourselves proud.

Result: 39/55 (70.91%), 2nd/16

Week In Summation

What does one say about two quizzes in a week? Well, they both went pretty well so there's that. Two podiums, a very strong second among them and no way we could have got higher in either case. There's nothing for me to complain about this week, and I'm not going to nitpick the performance. The week was dominated by my own quiz, but I still put that out of my head and came through on Wednesday, and that's my ultimate message from this week.

Total Result: 73/110 (66.36%)

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