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Weekly Roundup, W/E 13/10/17

Finally, I've gotten round to saving a template for these posts so I don't have to keep constantly redoing the headers! I've still got 3 more roundups to do, so I'll spare you the introductory waffle and just get to it. 4 quizzes this week, all at the front end of the week as I once again decided against the trip to Kirkcudbright, and there wasn't one on Friday.

I will say that this was a very special week for me, as I was on a TV quiz show for the first time on Tuesday! It was a BBC1 show called "The Boss" and there's still a few days left to see it on iPlayer if you're in the UK and haven't already. I'll make an actual proper post about that in the future, but I'm mentioning it now as it is relevant to what happened over the course of this week. So much for skipping the intro!

Quiz #178 -  Sunday 8th October, Turf Tavern, Carlisle

Strategic Overview

It was a pretty typical night at the Turf to start the week, myself and Jack taking on the rest. M is working night shifts on the other side of the region so he's sadly away for the forseeable. JDCS were there so we didn't think we could win, but we were going to try all the same!

The Quiz

The pictures and current events round went as they usually do - i.e. badly. 5 and 4 respectively was not a strong start, but the first of the 5 lists was extremely easy - the names for the polygons with 5-9 sides. I wasn't sure whether they wanted heptagon or septagon but both were accepted (we put the latter, FWIW). The other list was music, and we were asked for the top selling Canadian artists ever. Gimmes of Beiber and Dion aside, we were stuck and thus restricted to 7 overall.

Alpha Links came next and I'm fairly sure we got one answer from someone not in the team, but I can't remember the circumstances. It was a good round for us, and we got 8 in total. The connections round allowed me to show off some good knowledge, as I recognised the Latin name for a Mole, and that a mole is a unit of measurement. We missed one question but got the other 2 for 4 in total. 

That left Wipeout, and we ended up playing relatively aggressively, all things considered. I play Learned League and a question came up here that I answered incorrectly in the last LL season. I was torn between La Boheme and Madam Butterfly for an opera question and this time correctly went with the latter. We also had another guess for a question about Prosecco, but got that right too! 7 points, no wipeout!


Only 5 teams tonight, but there's no shame at all in our coming 3rd given our score of 35, and given the opposition. The scores above us were 38 and 43, which realistically we weren't coming close to. JDCS won, of course. No regrets, great night!

Result: 35/55 (63.64%), 3rd/5

Quiz #179 - Monday 9th October, Kings Arms, Dalbeattie (K)

Strategic Overview

A rare occasion where I was quizzing alone in Dalbeattie this week, and there were no teams I could join. It was a fairly quiet night actually, with BTAS, True Blue and the Has Beens all absent. I must admit, I wasn't in a great mood as a consequence. I don't enjoy quizzing alone these days because I'm too used to the great scores I can get when part of a team. I knew I was doomed from the start and irritable because of it, which inevitably meant I wasn't going to be at peak performance.

Part of it was probably, admittedly, nerves about how I was going to come across in the final edit of the show the next day. I wasn't too optimistic I was going to come off well, even though I knew I'd done well. I'm not saying that justifies anything but it does partially explain it.

The Quiz

GK started us off, and I began with a mediocre 11/20, though I followed that up with an excellent 12/15 on Geography (a round which had some history in it). Entertainment isn't usually a strength of mine, and my 10/15 reflects that. Pictures followed, and it was a case of working out whether they were real or impersonators. The Stooges, No Kan Do and I all did the same thing, figuring the top 5 for real and the others fake (or the other way around, I can't remember). A good tactic, except that we were all caught out with the last one, which broke the pattern. Still, 9 was good enough!

Childrens' entertainment followed and this actually proved surprisingly okay, as I got 11/15 on this one. I can't recall the questions but to be fair my relative youth compared to the rest of the quiz can help in these rounds, as I can sometimes pick up the questions designed to throw off older people. Played music finished, as it often does with K's quizzes, and that was never going to go well. 5/16 and I don't think I can complain much about that.


In retrospect, this looks a lot more positive than it felt on the night, the GK being the major problem as I ought to be doing far better on that, even alone. Music doesn't bother me as I know how good I am at that, and the other scores were good! I ultimately did finish last of course, but I actually shared that role with another team. The winning score was 81, not sure who that was but I think a team who are new and whose name I don't know. The Muppets came 2nd with 75, NKD 3rd on 70.5. So a tough quiz with a high spread. I'm disappointed in both my attitude and the outcome, but from the looks of things, it might have been worse.

Result: 58/91 (63.74%),  joint last/8
Quiz #180 -  Tuesday 10th October, Ship Inn, Dumfries

Strategic Overview

I returned to the Ship Inn again in need of a team, but I unfortunately split the NCP as there were 6 present but expected another. He ultimately didn't show, meaning we played as two teams of 3 ultimately unnecessarily. I had M with me which potentially bodeed well. Today was my TV appearance, and the pub itself had live-streamed my introduction on the show. I received a fair few congratulations when I went along tonight, and I must admit that that was part of the reason I went along despite the team uncertainty.

I had nothing to fear about how I came across as I was shown very positively, as it happened!

The Quiz

As with last week, we started strongly in a tough but fair GK round. We got 11/14, the lowest score being 3 which isn't uncommon. Sport wasn't what I wanted for a next round but we managed 7/10 and increased our lead from 1 point to 3, before dropping back to just 1 in front with 5/10 on Science & Nature.

The picture round this week was bizarrely easy - extracts from 32 company logos, almost all of which were no problem at all to get, and indeed we cleaned house and scored a full house. The others did very well as well, however, with 40 now being the lowest score. We were still in front, by 2 points on 55. The specialist round was Friends this week, and despite our lack of much specific knowledge, we stumbled our way to 5, thanks in part to two extremely easy questions. That's very rare for this quiz, but was testament to it being very fair this week. Unfortunately we dropped to 2nd now, but only by two points.

Music concluded the quiz, as always, and we knew we needed to do better than we had last week. That we did, but only to the tune of 17/30, which was not necessarily going to be enough. We made an unfortunate habit here of knowing the artist and one song, but not the other.


That 17 was not enough to reclaim the lead, but it did keep us in 2nd by 1 point, 7 behind the winners. I've got to say, this was a lot of fun. The quiz was a fair difficulty throughout, even the specialist subject, and we finished on the podium. More of this to come, please!

Result: 77/106 (72.64%), 2nd/8

Quiz #181 - Wednesday 11th October, Granary, Dumfries

Strategic Overview

Once more unto the breach went I for the last quiz of the week. Jack was with us, thought slightly late after taking a later train up from Carlisle. L was there too, of course, and our opposition included the Roof Rax, Universally Challenged and the 3-man version of Sporting Quizbon.

I was still celebrating my TV success and was in a fantastic mood, so I decided to add £10 to the winning prize of £25. On this night and even last night, 3 weeks after, the host was joking that he deserved some of the winnings, having nurtured me as a quizzer. That's not completely untrue, though I wasn't about to hand over half the money as he suggested, ha!
The Quiz

No surprise to see another handout round to start the quiz, though there wasn't one last week admittedly. It was famous dogs this time around, and I knew 15 straight away. None of our guesses on the rest came to anything so 15 was our lot, unfortunately.

Round 2 was interesting, a sequences round, which I'd done in my last quiz too. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get as many as I'd have liked here, and we got 6/10. The last round was 15 questions on GK, and I've got to say, I was disappointed with this. Given recent scores, we should have been looking at 11 or 12, and we only managed half that with 6. Not the way I wanted to end the quiz.


I actually thought we had 7, but when the scores were tallied we were given 27 and not the 28 that I had. I'm not totally sure whether the missing point was from the 1st or 3rd round, but I was fairly sure we got 15 in the first so I've taken it from the 2nd. In any case, we beat SQ who had 24, and the missing point denied us a share of the podium as the RR had 28 and UC were 2nd with a fantastic 31. I'm not sure who the winners were but they were just ahead on 32, a fairly low winning score for this quiz. Close but no cigar, much as Dalbeattie was last week. Fair enough! Well done to the winners, hope they enjoyed the extra tenner!

Result: 27/50 (54%),  joint 4th/19
Week In Summation

This was certainly a big week for me, though it was mixed in terms of actual quizzing performance. I think I can fairly say that I did well throughout but there was nothing too outstanding and no victories this week. Retrospectively, I'm not bothered about my last place on Monday, though I'm in no hurry to play solo again any time soon. Could have been better, could also have been a lot worse.

Total Result: 197/302 (65.23%)

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