Monday, 27 February 2017

Quiz Questions - Set #2

Welcome to the second of my set of weekly quiz questions! Please, have a go! The answers will be posted in a week's time, but if you'd like them early, you have only to ask. Good luck!

Round 1: General Knowledge
  1. Who was the wife of William Shakespeare?
  2. How many limbs does a squid have?
  3. What two sports are contested in a biathlon? Half a mark for each.
  4. Which country, the 9th largest in the world, is the largest to be landlocked?
  5. What was the first novel by Stephen King?
  6. Richard Nixon resigned due to the Watergate scandal. To what does “Watergate” refer?
  7. “I’ll be there for you” is the theme song to a long running TV show. For half a mark each, what was the show, and who sang it?
  8. Cheviot, Scottish Blackface and Suffolk are all breeds of which animal?
  9. In 1938, Alfred Mosher Butts invented what board game?
  10. Who was the last Tsar of Russia?
 Round 2: Food & Drink
  1. Fish Veronique is made with which fruit as a primary ingredient?
  2. The name of which strong drink means, in English, “essence of wormwood”?
  3.  A “King Edward” is a variety of which vegetable?
  4. What is the main ingredient of the drink sake?
  5. Goulash comes from which country?
  6. In which drink are about 90% of British blackcurrants used?
  7. Name both main ingredients, other than breadcrumbs, in a Glamorgan Sausage. Half a mark for each.
  8. How does James Bond take usually take his vodka martinis?
  9. What common food used to be known as the “poison apple” because it was erroneously believed to be poisonous?
  10. Galliano produces which cocktail, when added to vodka and orange?
 Round 3: Connections
  1. Which of the Beatles crossed the road first on the famous Abbey Road album cover?
  2. Which Northern Irish football (soccer) player, who died in 2005, gained 37 international caps in his career?
  3. Which world leader once famously (supposedly) asked "How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?"
  4. Which 13th century merchant traveller wrote "The Book of the Marvels of the World?"
  5. The Funeral March, Minute Waltz and Heroic Polonaise are among the works of which famous composer?
  6. Who was the 35th US President?
  7. Which English folklore hero has been portrayed on screen by, among many others, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Jonas Armstrong?
  8. Which inventor designed the "Aerial Screw", a prototypical version of a helicopter?
  9. Which famous King of the Argead dynasty was born in the city of Pella in 356BC?
  10. Finally, what connects all of the above answers?

1 comment:

  1. Round 1
    1) Ann Hathaway
    2) 10
    3) running and shooting
    4) Nigeria
    5) Saloms lot
    6) hotel
    7)friends and Arctic monkeys
    8) sheep
    9) Scrabble
    10) Nicolas second

    Round 2
    1) grapes
    2) absinthe
    3) potato
    4) rice
    5) Hungary
    6) Ribena
    7) lamb and leek
    8) shaken
    9) tomato
    10) Harvey wallbanger

    Round 3

    1) John Lenon
    2) George best
    3) Charles de Gaulle
    4) Marco Polo
    5) Strauss
    6) J f Kennedy
    7) Robin Hood
    8) da Vinci
    9) Alexander the Great
    10) names of airports