Monday, 6 March 2017

Quiz Questions - Set #3

Welcome to set number 3 of my weekly quiz questions. Feel free to have a go and send me your answers by comment or email. The answers will be posted in a week, but if you'd like them sooner, please just ask! (You don't need to actually send me answers to receive them, of course). Good luck!

Round 1: General Knowledge

1.    What was the first manmade object capable of breaking the sound barrier?
2.    Where is the Sea of Tranquillity located?
3.    Which car manufacturer produced the world’s first hybrid car?
4.    What is the national animal of Scotland?
5.    In the film Alien, who was the ship’s captain?
6.    In which decade was the world’s first skyscraper built?
7.    How many of each animal did Moses bring with him on the Ark?
8.    What do the first initials of author J. K. Rowling stand for? Half a point for each.
9.    What incredible odds did underdogs Leicester City beat to win the football’s English Premier League in the 2015-16 season?
10.  What element in the periodic table has the chemical symbol W?

Round 2: Double Answers

In this round, you get two clues to a single answer. I’m only looking for the one word connecting both answers – if it’s a person’s name, I only need the one name, and words like “The” can be ignored. An individual clue may have many answers, but only one will fit the other clue as well.

1.    The home of the World Snooker Championship since 1977, and a play by Arthur Miller
2.    The currency of Costa Rica, and a punctuation mark.
3.    The Jamaican home of the author of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and a species (genus, technically) of duck.
4.    An English county, and the only US state to contain an English county within its name.
5.    A battle fought in 490 BC in Greece, and the original name for the chocolate bar Snickers.
6.    A US state capital, and an English explorer who helped popularise tobacco but who was executed for treason in 1618.
7.    The Transfiguration teacher in Harry Potter and the world’s worst poet, responsible for the lines “"Beautiful railway bridge of the silv'ry Tay, Alas! I am very sorry to say, That ninety lives have been taken away, On the last sabbath day of 1879, Which will be remember'd for a very long time."
8.    A major sportswear company, and the Greek goddess of victory.
9.    A current NFL team and a kind of number.
10.  The diminutive forms of both a popular soft drink and a popular narcotic.

Round 3: Connections

1.    Which President of the United States abolished slavery?
2.    Who was the American heiress abducted by, and later indoctrinated into, the Symbionese Liberation Front in 1974?
3.    Which ancient city, now a UNESCO World Heritage site in Turkey, was featured heavily in the Iliad?
4.    Which Italian word meaning “coastline” is used without qualification to refer to areas of France and Italy?
5.    The works of which Scottish poet include Tam O’ Shanter and Scots Wha Hae?
6.    Jack Ryan is a character in a number of novels, along with their film adaptations, written by which author?
7.    Which Prussian statesman, the first Chancellor of Germany, created the modern world’s first welfare state?
8.    Which painting of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo is known in France, where it has long been located, as “La Joconde"?
9.    Which American fashion designer, born in 1939, named his first full line of menswear “Polo” in 1968?
10.  Finally, what connects all of the above answers?

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