Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Quiz Answers - Set #2

I truly am disorganised these days, as I've realised I've not yet put my answers on here to my 2nd quiz set from 3 weeks ago! Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Quiz Set 2 - Answers

Round 1: General Knowledge

1.    Anne Hathaway.
2.    10, and I phrased it as “limbs” to circumvent the questions of whether they’re arms, tentacles, etc that sometimes crop up when this question is asked. Octopuses have 8, of course.
3.    Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Again, this question sometimes requires specific answers, depending on the strictness of the asker, but I’m happy to accept “skiing and shooting”.
4.    Kazakhstan. I recall Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge being amazed when a contestant got this from “9th largest country” alone – which is perhaps an indication of where I’ve gotten my inspiration for some of my questions...
5.    Carrie was the first one he got published. He did actually write 3 beforehand, apparently, but Carrie is the accepted answer.
6.    It’s a hotel. It was the HQ of the Democratic National Convention, and the scandal got its name because it was broken into.
7.    Friends, and it was the Rembrandts who sang it. This question is a common one in British quizzes from all three directions.
8.    Sheep. All common breeds in the UK, particularly the Scottish Blackface.
9.    Scrabble. This is the sort of thing that has a habit of coming up in British quizzes.
10.  Nicholas II

Round 2: Food & Drink

1.    Grape. I specified “primary ingredient” because I’ve seen lemon included as a dressing anyway, but it’s only Veronique if there’s grape.
2.    Absinthe. This question won me £175 on the Granary quiz’s Killer Question a couple of years ago, so I’ll never forget it!
3.    Potato.
4.    Rice. It’s a Japanese wine made from the country’s primary crop.
5.    Hungary. This is probably the single most common food & drink question I’ve come across. I had it again this week, and have heard it many times before.
6.    Ribena, which is a British soft drink. It’s a cordial, and the seemingly outlandish figure is actually accurate. I believe they once tried to claim 95-99% of blackcurrants go into it, but the research I did suggested 90% is true. The reason has to do with their cultivation here during WW2, as the British climate allowed for them in a way that it didn’t with citrus fruits.
7.    Leeks and cheese, both heavily associated with Wales. I gave breadcrumbs in the question in case people gave that as an answer.
8.    Shaken, not stirred. The jury is out on whether or not this is the best way to actually have a martini.
9.    Tomatoes. Yes, they’re fruits, and yes, I’ll happily eat them in a fruit salad.
10.  Harvey Wallbanger. Vodka and orange alone is a screwdriver, which also won me money on the Killer Question at the Granary once, and was my drink of choice (where apple juice was unavailable) before I went teetotal.

Round 3: Connections

1.    John Lennon (Liverpool, UK)
2.    George Best (Belfast, UK)
3.    Charles de Gaulle (Paris, France)
4.    Marco Polo (Venice, Italy)
5.    Frédéric Chopin (Warsaw, Poland)
6.    John F Kennedy (New York, USA)
7.    Robin Hood (Nottingham, UK)
8.    Leonardo da Vinci (Rome, Italy)
9.    Alexander the Great. None of these things seem to be commonly known about him, but all are useful to know I’d think. I didn’t know any of them myself before writing the question, as it happens. (Skopje, Macedonia)
10.  They all have airports named after them, at the locations given in brackets after each answer.

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