Sunday, 7 January 2018

Weekly Roundup - Week 1, W/E 05/01/2018

Pub Quiz Results

Quiz #1 - Wednesday 3rd January, The Granary, Dumfries (Team: 4)

Round 1: Disney Films, 3/10
Round 2: Unplayed Music (General), 6/10
Round 3: Film & TV, 7/10
Round 4: True or False, 8/10
Round 5: General Knowledge, 9/10

Total Score: 33/50 (66%), 3-way tie for 4th/9. Winning score: 36

Quiz 2 - Thursday 4th January, The Anchor Hotel, Kippford (Team: 2)

Round 1: General Knowledge, 5/8
Round 2: World Geography, 4/8
Round 3 (Joker): James Bond Films, 16/16 
Round 4: Science & Technology, 5/8
Round 5: Spelling, 5/8
Round 6: Cryptic Sci-Fi Films, 6/8

Total Score: 40/56 (71.43%), tied 2nd/9. Winning score: 45

Overall Weekly Score: 73/106 (68.87%)
Month-To-Date: 73/106 (68.87%)
Year-To-Date: 73/106 (68.87%)

Pub Quizzes

This is the first of my new-style weekly roundups, and because I've taken a week-long break from quizzing, they're all I've got to talk about. It's a shame I took such a long break actually, as I've moved from burnout to laziness. At least I can keep this brief, this week.

The first Granary quiz of the year was a standard affair, 5 rounds of 10 which is my preferred format at the venue, I must admit. The scores increased every round, which is always good to see, and a much better feeling than the reverse. Four seems to be the standard number in the team at the moment, with Jack, L and M present. Regarding our main rivals (by which I mean: the teams whose names I can clearly pin down)  UC were unfortunate to come last with as high a score as 27, and M's former team RR were tied with us on 33. Having accidentally been given their answer sheet part way through the quiz, I could see that we were toe-to-toe all the way through, after round 2. A solid start to the year, and the kind of score I want every week.

There was nothing particularly notable about the Anchor quiz; only 1 of my usual 4 teammates could make it, again, but the rest will be back next week, I'm told. Still, the two of us did our best and we did very well against teams of 6, I think! A James Bond round helped, naturally; it was the obvious choice for the Joker and much needed guaranteed points after a barely acceptable (but no more) start. No picture round this week, surprisingly, and we were happy to get 5 on spelling, though it was the first 5 and we could have had more. We weren't catching the winners on 45, anyway, and we did beat the very strong Donuts team, so we were happy.

Week In Summation

Again, I can only reflect on the quizzes themselves this week, and it was a solid start. I won't always be so fortunate with the rounds at the Anchor, but we've been scoring in the mid-30s the last few weeks so we've kept up our solid work rate there. I definitely want to be above 30 at all times at the Granary, regardless of placing, and the fact that we have a stronger team now than just myself and L will hopefully see that happen.

I'm not seeing any signs yet that my known weaknesses are being dealt with, but I've given some good answers this week so I'm reasonably happy with where I'm sitting, for now. We'll see what next week brings, since this will be the first full week of proper quizzing, across all areas.

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