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Weekly Roundup - Week 4, W/E 26/01/2018

Pub Quiz Results

Quiz #10- Monday 22nd January, Kings Arms, Dalbeattie (Team: 3. Host: S)

Round 1: General knowledge, 15/19
Round 2: Famous 1sts, 10/15
Round 3: TV, 10/15
Round 4: Food & drink, 9/10
Round 5: Pictures - car logos, 20/30
Round 6: Music (unplayed), 8/10

Total Score: 72/99 (72.73%), tied 2nd/9

Quiz #11 - Wednesday 17th January, Granary, Dumfries (Team: 3)

Round 1: Characters from TV adverts, 7/10
Round 2: Linked answers: birds, 5/10
Round 3: Answers all begin "arm" or "leg", 8/10
Round 4: Film plots, 9/10
Round 5: Closest football ground to given British landmark, 8/10

Total Score: 37/50 (74%), 2nd/11

Quiz #12 - Thursday 25th January, Anchor Hotel, Kippford (Team: 3)

Round 1: General knowledge, 3.5/8
Round 2: Film & TV 3.5/8
Round 3: Scotland, 6/8
Round 4: Cryptic bands, 6/8
Round 5: Dingbats, 10/16
Round 6: Link theme - dragons, 7/8

Total Score: 36/56, 5th/9

Quiz #13 - Friday 26th January, Grapes, Springholm (Team:1)

Round 1: General knowledge, 54/102

Total Score: 54/102, 1st/3

Overall Weekly Score: 199/307 (64.82%)

Month-To-Date: 591/902 (65.52%)
591/902 (65.52%)

General Update

I'm still planning to cover last weekend's fun and games in a separate post, so this week's roundup is really about Monday to Friday. I've started writing this on Friday, since I'm heading up to Glasgow tomorrow night and I really want to get this done before I go. All that's lacking is tonight's quiz, so I should be able to place myself quite well to get it completed easily tomorrow morning. It's been a busy week, though unfortunately not as productive as I'd have hoped, which is a problem considering how much work is piling on top of me now! I'll get through it all though, somehow...

Pub Quizzes

The week started with the Kings Arms, due to the weekend competitions, and it was S's first quiz of the year. I like her quizzes, there's a sort of amiable fun about them, which contrasts with my style of unconventional and difficult. Though both are fun, I hope! I was, as I will be for the foreseeable, with BTAS, and we surprised ourselves with a tie for 2nd with the Has Beens, who usually aren't in the money. The Tourists stormed it with 81.5, which meant a couple of stupid mistakes we made didn't matter. The car logos were very hard, including several that no longer exist.

There was a rare controversy at an S quiz, given that the birth place of halloumi - Cyprus - was described as a Greek island. That's definitely controversial, and threw a few teams off, I think. If that's the biggest complaint I can make, however, then it's been a very good quiz!

Wednesday was predictably busy, since the Granary's planned 2 week break (the one that ended up being 1 week) was now over. SQ were back, though only a 3 person version. The RR had a big team, and we did have M back (as expected, he didn't realise the quiz was back on last week) but we lacked L, who was busy. Jack was with us too, and we did very well, I have to say, beating SQ by 3 and losing only to a rampant RR on 42. We were given 39 points but I don't get that, so I'm sticking to my 37. These were tough rounds but diverse and interesting, and I think we showed off great knowledge to get our score. I'm very happy with this.

We were also short a team member at the Anchor on Thursday, and again it was L (who isn't the same one as Wednesday). It was me and a couple of the girls, who were lacking in confidence but who both gave great answers at various points in the quiz. We started badly, as you can tell, which was not great for our confidence. Rounds 3 and 4 are typically cryptically named though, which discourages us from using our joker round there. On Burns' Night, a Scottish round was to be expected, and mercifully it wasn't actually about the man himself (despite being from Dumfries, where he lived and died, I'm not too familiar with most of his works).

Our fortunes improved from there and I'm ultimately very happy with where we ended up. The placing was low overall, but our start explains that. Hit the post with a few, and L might well have helped some, but I was able to show off some good knowledge all the same. For example, I recognised the Popemobile instantly from its licence plate. The top 4 teams were within 1.5 points of each other, between 42 and 43.5, with a tie on the latter for 1st. We were never getting that with just the 3 of us, but I'm completely fine with how we did, overall. 

There's not much to say about Friday's quiz. I won it alone last time, and I did again this time. I was only against 2 other solo players though due to the extremely low turnout, and it was a straight 100 questions. One of them was accidentally duplicated, and a point each was given for "Which 4 UK cities have undergrounds?", hence 102 points in total. They were all taken from a website, one I'll be perusing for the next quiz. I'm not at all happy with my score, even though I got more than the combined total of the other players. The questions were very varied, from as easy as "What is the capital of Spain?" to "Who created Esperanto?". Plenty of them, I had no chance at. Still, a win's a win, and long may my current streak continue.

My Own Quiz

I've officially announced my Proxy Pub Quiz now, and if you're reading this, why not give it a go? It worked really well last time and it should be great this time too. I've a lot of work to do over the next few days putting together the email addresses of the competitors, and I'm nervous about how much I've built up expectations, but there's no reason to think it won't go really well. A friend recently described my quizzes as "art", and that meant so much as that's how I treat my quizzes.

Hopefully I can take on a second quiz in due course as well, and potentially I'll do that as an audio/video proxy quiz too, but that's still very much a future thing.


Full confession, I've done nothing with my spreadsheets this week. I've not had time, and I may struggle this week too if I'm honest, given non-quizzing activities I have on, but I will get to it ASAP. I want to actually produce monthly statistics for January, and I'll try and devote next Sunday to that, if I can. No guarantees.


Again, I've lacked the time to move forward here. Trivial Warfare I can listen to on the go, at least, and I've still to look for podcast apps with which I can hear the others. I know I can do Triviality on my phone, at least, which will help me get through that backlog quicker. I've heard a few more Complete The List episodes though and I'm really enjoying it, so I'll definitely stick with it.

Areas of Study

Again, it's been more general than specific.I learned a massive amount across all areas at the weekend, but I need to ramp up the dedicated studying too. I'll always get the majority of my learning through quizzes themselves, but it isn't enough and I know it full well. It's a busy time but I need to get ahold of my time management, get organised and get doing some productive work. Until I can manage that, I'll keep doing it piecemeal, browsing encyclopedia, trivia guides and the like whenever possible.

Week In Summation

It's been a funny old week, dominated by my extended quizzing weekend and the launch of the Proxy Pub Quiz. It's been a bit of a blur, coming hot on the heels of my last live quiz, and the next couple of weeks will be similarly busy. I could really do with using this weekend to catch up with things, but instead I'll be in Glasgow all afternoon and back very late, which potentially causes me issues for tomorrow as well. We'll see what happens though. I'm not complaining as it's going to be a great non-quizzing social event, though I really hate driving and I need to drive into the centre of Glasgow, which terrifies me as the reliable car park I always used to go to is now closed. I'll be fine though, I know that. Hopefully I'll not wake up too late/exhausted so as to stop me doing work tomorrow though.

A successful quizzer always has more to do, after all! On that note, I'd best get on with it in the couple of hours before I get up the road...

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