Friday, 14 April 2017

Quiz Answers - Set #5

I seem to have somehow neglected to post these! I do apologise.

Quiz Set 5 - Answers

Round 1: General Knowledge

1.    It has no/a very tiny stub for a tail
2.    Brian
3.    Scrubs
4.    Seth
5.    Banking – specifically, the Royal Bank of Scotland, my own first ever employer a dozen years ago.
6.    Twitter
7.    Australia! Yes, really. They’ve rather taken to it, and everyone else has taken to them. They wouldn’t ever host it if they won though.
8.    Die Hard. The Grubers were from the 1st and 3rd films, the Colonel from the 2nd, and Gabriel from the 4th.
9.    Bicycle. It’s the one with one really tiny wheel and one huge one.
10.  Kenya

Round 2: Sport and Games.

1.   Swimming
2.    Chess. It stands for Fédération Internationale des Échecs – that’s World Chess Federation, in English.
3.   Boxing. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing else that counts as an actual sport which counts for this.
4.    Russian Roulette, since it traditionally ends with one player’s death. The chocolate versions are quite fun though!
5.    John Isner and Nicholas Mahut. The latter is one of the world’s leading doubles players today, and the former is a great player in his own right. Isner eventually won, but predictably lost in straight sets in the next round.
6.    Ten Pin Bowling. It’s essentially the bowling version of golf’s much more famous Ryder Cup.
7.    Stockholm, in Sweden
8.    Argentina
9.    Mahjong
10.  Tim Henman, the beloved nearly-man of the 90s! His partner was Jeremy Bates.

Round 3: Connections

1.    X-rays
2.    Golf. Twain isn’t the only one it’s been credited to, but it’s one of those quotes with no definite origin.
3.    The Foxtrot, named for Harry Fox.
4.    Lima Beans.
5.    Checkpoint Charlie.
6.    Quebec
7.    Yankee Doodle Dandy
8.    The Ford Sierra. They were very very common for a long time on British streets
9.    Romeo and Juliet
10.  The NATO phonetic alphabet

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