Friday, 14 April 2017

Quiz Questions - Set #8

Welcome to my 8th set of quiz questions! The usual General Knowledge and Connections rounds are joined this week by Science & Nature. Answers will be up in about a week, or on request to anyone who asks! Good luck!

Quiz Set 8 - Questions

Round 1: General Knowledge

1.    What name is given to a victory so costly that it is tantamount to a defeat?
2.    What is the characteristic weapon of the Gurkhas, Nepalese soldiers famous for fighting with the British army?
3.    Despite the social media campaign, Boaty McBoatface was overruled as a name for a new research ship launched by the NERC. What name was eventually given in its stead?
4.    After a very long time, the old circular £1 coin has finally been replaced. How many sides does the new one have?
5.    David Myers and Simon “Si” King are better known collectively as whom?
6.    The moons of which planet are named after water-based creatures and Gods from Greek and Roman mythology?
7.    Which infectious disease is also known as Hansen’s Disease?
8.    As of April 2017, who holds the women’s 100m world record?
9.    What was sunk on 2nd May 1982 by the British submarine HMS Conqueror?
10.  In which city does the annual Oktoberfest festival take place each year?

Round 2: Science & Nature

1.    What are the only two animals that are born with horns? Half a point for each
2.    The chemical element Lutetium takes its name from the Latin for which city, as it was known in Roman times?
3.    Who designed the Analytical Engine, leading him to be considered the father of the computer?
4.    How often does Haley’s Comet visit the earth?
5.    Which creature is known as the “unicorn of the sea”?
6.    The word “robot” comes from “robota” which literally means “serf labour” in which language?
7.    In 1797, which scientist created the world’s first vaccine? For a bonus point, which disease was the vaccine for?
8.    What kind of plant is bamboo?
9.    Peacock, Ogre-Face and Jewel are all types of what?
10.  What part of the eye shares its name with a Greek Goddess?

Round 3: Connections

1.    In Harry Potter, which initially bumbling but ultimately very brave student is the son of aurors Frank and Alice, who were tortured into insanity before the series began?
2.    Which tea is flavoured with bergamot oil in imitation of more expensive Chinese teas?
3.    Which Scottish Premiership football club play their home games at Pittodrie Stadium?
4.    Which actor, who shares a name with several others to whom he is unrelated, played Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket and Jayne Cobb in Firefly?
5.    Which cancer charity, founded in England in 1911 and now one of the biggest in the country, has the slogan “No one should face cancer alone”?
6.    What is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria?
7.    Morgan le Fay is among the principal antagonists of which hero of classical English legend?
8.    Which British retailer, founded in Leeds in 1884 has brands including Percy Pig, Per Una and Blue Harbour?
9.    Which chef, born in Johnstone in Scotland, has restaurants including the Savoy Grill, Petrus, and one named after himself, opened in Chelsea in 1998?
10.  Finally, what connects all of the above answers?

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