Saturday, 8 April 2017

To Do List

Last night was my 69th quiz of the year on the 97th day of the year. Including travel time and the paperwork I give myself on top of actually doing the quizzes, this is pretty much a second full time job by now - though one I love despite not really getting paid for it! Like most jobs though there's a lot of admin involved, and I'm pretty far behind on it. Thus I have the following tasks to do this weekend, albeit not in this order:

* Update my Master Data spreadsheet containing my results, which I've largely neglected in favour of my blog, meaning there's currently only 30 quizzes on there, the last one being in the middle of February
* Complete all the supplementary spreadsheets that go with it, like the breakdown of my results by subject, venue and team size, in order that actual analysis can be undertaken
* Actually start doing said analysis, since months 1-3 and quarter 1 are now completed periods that can be assessed in full
* Revisit the possibility of automatically updating the supplemental spreadsheets from the Master Data sheet by means of macros or formulas, in order to reduce the manual work required in future
* Complete my weekly review of last week's quizzes and post it on my blog
* Do my review of this week's quizzes and post that as well
* Write my own quiz for publication next Wednesday - my 8th so far - along with the answer sheet.
* Write the answer sheet for the quiz I published this week so I can send it to anyone who asks in advance of the official posting date
* Transpose all my existing quizzes and their answers into a spreadsheet so that I can easily keep track of the questions/subjects I've used before
* Come up with the concepts at least for several future interesting specialist and connections rounds in order to make writing my future quizzes less time consuming
* Resume my barely-started work on a comprehensive prose report that uses the spreadsheet analysis as its basis. At this stage, things like my methodology, the goals and limitations of the report and my definitions of key aspects like the subjects themselves can all be mapped out.
* Make at least some effort to salvage last year's trainwreck of a Master Data spreadsheet in order that some sort of year-on-year comparative data analysis can be undertaken. The raw data is there, but it's very flawed and its layout is eye-wateringly awful, but with a lot of manual effort I think I can at least make it somewhat useable.

Sitting in in the livingroom in front of the TV probably isn't the best way to actually achieve much of this, but for now there isn't anywhere else, especially as there are no libraries in the area open beyond 3pm. 

Still, I've got plenty of caffeine and snacks, a takeaway will refuel me later, and the Bible that is my main notebook should have everything I need in it. This is going to take a while, so I'd best get to work!

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